Help For the Height Challenged with the Little Giant Ladder

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I need a 6 foot and a 20 foot ladder but only have room for one, which should I buy?

Help For the Height Challenged with the Little Giant Ladder

We weren't making a short joke. The Little Giant Ladder is meant for uneven surfaces and various heights—it's a home improvement product that seems to be constructed on a telescoping tripod model to stabilize the ladder—no matter what surface it rests on. It comes in a variety of extension and stepladder heights, depending on your DIY home improvement needs. It's supposed to be a space-saving DIY home improvement product that won't shortchange you. Want one? Safety first:

• When working on a ladder, especially resting on an uneven surface, have a DIY partner or family member hold the ladder or "spot" you.

• Don't rest tools on the ladder steps if you can avoid it—climbing up and down ladders to fetch tools is like getting a stair climber machine workout!



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