First Alert: Better Than Nothing?

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Is there another way to hav an alarm system other than wiring my house?

First Alert: Better Than Nothing?

The portable First Alert alarm system won't put Brinks Home Security out of business. As a home security product, it's not effective for permanent fixed use, though it may be good in a mobile home or RV.

First Alert does, however, make noise, 90 decibels to be precise, and most burglars are usually frightened off by alarms—particularly since most burglars are young males 25 and under who lose their nerve. But, in terms of personal security products, dogs top the list.

* Lock your doors and windows. You don't want First Alert to have a chance to work, because by that time the burglar has already gained entry to your home. If you do choose First Alert, or any other alarm system, put decals in the windows and signs on the property proclaiming that your home is protected by an alarm system. This is enough to make most burglars move on, since they typically take the path of least resistance. Bottom line: Any alarm system is better than none.



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