Matthew Lesko Free Government Money --Is It Free?

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I know the government gives some money to different programs, is there a resource I can use to find where it goes?

Matthew Lesko Free Government Money --Is It Free?

Matthew Lesko shows you how to get a piece of the pork barrel and free government money with his As Seen On TV products. You can make back some of your hard-earned tax dollars with the phone numbers, addresses, and even Web addresses of government organizations available from Matthew Lesko, who also publishes an e-mail newsletter. Think you want the book? Think about these things first:

• Keep in mind that while he offers to get you free money, the book is not free
• Always check the government guidelines—make sure you qualify before you apply
• Government grant applications are extensive so, if you're a nonprofit, buy the Lesko book
• If you're a nonprofit, consider hiring a grant writer—and budget for one



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