Exceptional Blublocker Clarity Sunglasses

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What is my best choice for clear UV blocking sunglasses?

Exceptional Blublocker Clarity Sunglasses

Hmmm...you have a decision to make after viewing several As Seen On TV product infomercials. Blublocker Sunglasses or Eagle Eyes?

Since both are polarized, you can't go wrong. However, the As Seen On TV review I conducted gives the edge to Blublocker Sunglasses, worn by American troops in Enduring Freedom and Tom Cruise in "Top Gun." Okay, the Tom Cruise Aviator model may be a replica—but it's still cool.

It should be noted Blublocker Sunglasses have ventilation ducts at the top of the glasses...presto, automatic defogger. And, the glasses look complimentary on both the male and female models in the photos.

* I've ordered Eagle Eyes and they're also excellent. Still, you can't beat an endorsement from the US Armed Forces.



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