No Miracle All In One Product--but Stainz r Out

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Some surfaces clean easier than others, is there a product that specializes in different areas of cleaning?

No Miracle All In One Product--but Stainz r Out

Sometimes multitasking just doesn't work, especially according to recent studies. It's better to do one thing and do it well. This holds true for home cleaning products. That may be the idea behind Stainz r Out, which doesn't try to be a jewelry cleaner, dishwashing detergen,t and grout whitener all at once.

The organic-based Stainz r Out has different kits based upon the knowledge of what works on different stains and different surfaces. It has kits for:

• Kitchen
• Bathroom
• Kitchen and Bathroom
• General stains (as in, "What's this stain on the carpet?")
• Stain refresh

At times it seems Stainz r Out is straining a bit to be everything to everyone—it covers the most common stains and problem areas (from hard water in bathrooms to red wine on sweaters and delicates). Stainz r Out, however, still doesn't tout a jewelry cleaner in its household cleaning products. It deals in stains and stains only.

* If you're still bewildered by all the specialization, opt for a general all-purpose cleaner.



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