A Diamond in the Rough: Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaning?

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How can I get my jewelrty as clean as my jeweler does?

A Diamond in the Rough: Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaning?

Handy Trends Perfect Jewelry Cleaner sounds like it's meant to be the Restore 4 and Oxi Clean of jewelry cleaners. You may wonder what you need with special home cleaning products when your jeweler probably gave you a gold/silver/diamond cleaner with a brush—most good jewelers, at least the ones we know, will give or sell cleaning solution with your purchase

However, six months to a year later your bracelet may look a little tarnished and your cleaning solution might not work. You can try a variety of metal polish household cleaning products, but some can be harsh on fine jewelry. Your Valentine's Day gift will end up looking like a diamond in the rough!

We've used ultrasonic jewelry cleaners on rings that are older than we are, with great results. The battery-operated Handy Trends Perfect Jewelry Cleaner might save you a trip to the jeweler. It sells As Seen on TV at $19.95 and on discount Web sites for five dollars less.

*Be careful with irregularly shaped earrings and pins as well as heavy ornate necklaces and bracelets. You get the best results with pearls and perfectly geometric shapes.



8/21/2006 7:26:41 AM
Glyn Williams said:

This is not an Ultrasonic cleaner. It is just a motor with an ofset balance to vibrate the unit.
It is cheap and sold to rip off customers as it does not clean at all. Ultrasonic units vibrate at 42kHz and require mains power (at least 26 Watts).


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