Tip 4 You--Restore, Don't Replace, Zap To It

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Is there anything out there that I can use to restore some of my surfaces?

Tip 4 You--Restore, Don't Replace, Zap To It

Is that beautiful tile that came with your colonial home not looking so beautiful? Water stains, rust, and tannins (such as red wine and coffee) can make your floor, countertops, and walls look dingy. But you're hesitant to have the tile torn up and replaced. Then, you see commercials and infomercials for an array of cleaners (such as Restore 4 and the Zap Restorer) that are supposedly the tools of professional contractors. You don't want to hire a professional contractor and other home cleaning products don't seem to work.

Will Restore 4 and Zap Restorer work? The Zap Restorer kit "will bring back the original luster to dull tile, restore grout to its true color, polish scum, rust stained porcelain and shine filthy fiberglass."

The Restore 4 kit claims to be a low-cost "Miracle in the bottle that RESTORES, not cleans...works deep below the surface where it not only eliminates those common rust and hard water stains that develop with time, but restores those fixtures and surfaces to a like new finish."

• Read labels or ask the operator about the active ingredients in any cleaning product—if the operator can't answer questions, ask to speak to someone who can.

• Good Housekeeping Magazine rated the Restore 4 expensive and time-consuming, "but the best product we've found for hard-water stains."



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