Micro Fiber, Maximum Clean?

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Is there a mop that wil pick up the micro dust particles that other mops leave behind?

Micro Fiber, Maximum Clean?

Who doesn't like micro fiber household cleaning products? It's true that they can be staticky in the dryer but they're easily washable. However, the real questions are:

• Will you let the Micro Fiber Mop stick around?
• And, can you machine wash the micro fiber?

The Micro Fiber Swivel Mop gets into hard-to-reach cleaning areas and picks up dust (after all, that static cling should tell you something) other mops don't. As with regular micro fiber wipes, the mop pad is reusable and rewashable.

* Micro fiber mops are used for regular cleaning in hospitals and are proven to work better for tough hospital stains than conventional mops.



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