No Time For A Stitch in Time? Use the Buttoneer

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Is there an easy way to repair hems and lost buttons?

No Time For A Stitch in Time? Use the Buttoneer

The button just fell off your favorite trousers—before an elegant party. Or, you'd like to finish that quilt for Aunt Nora but you flunked home economics. class. As usual, As Seen On TV makes it "sew" simple: get yourself the Buttoneer As Seen On TV item. The wholesale As Seen On TV solution "seams" easier and cheaper than going to a tailor shop, consigning your favorite culottes to the rag bag, or buying a quilt.

While the Buttoneer advertises that there is "no sewing necessary," and doesn't need to be threaded, does it do what it's "cut out" to do according to As Seen On TV review? Is it easy for avid quilters and people who don't know one end of a needle from the other? reviewer and single guy Eric Bowers says that it takes time to learn the Buttoneer, but it was a blessing when he reattached his bachelor's buttons.

* The Buttoneer isn't just for buttons but take advantage of the 100-button refill packs, sold separately.



2/12/2007 8:26:29 PM
Katherine said:

I have an old buttoneer. Do you know whether the new refills work in it? I bought some and they didn't look like the old ones.


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