Body By Jake--And By You

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Where can I find an inexpensive but well designed cardio workout machine?

Body By Jake--And By You

Is a Body by Jake ideal for you? If you're worried about Body by Haagen-Dazs, the As Seen On TV Cardio Cruiser might work for you, especially with Jake's 30-day results-oriented fat burning workout included. The workout coach to the stars wouldn't design any fitness equipment that won't help you meet your full body goals, without injuring yourself.

But wait, there's more! You're used to workout machines that look like they hurt, and may not have worked. There are plenty of fitness scams, but Body by Jake is a recognized name. Chances are you won't find a rip-off on a wholesale As Seen On TV infomercial.

* Before you order, make sure you want a full body workout and that the Cardio Cruiser fits your style. If you're used to upright workout, you might have difficulty adjusting to the reclining Cardio Cruiser. Also, if you're looking for weight training, you should seek another As Seen On TV fitness product.



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