Now You're Cooking With Plastic...and Silicone

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Can you cook in plastic?

Now You're Cooking With Plastic...and Silicone

No, the headline isn't an advertisement for those As Seen In TV bust enhancers. We're talking about Smartware today, yes, folks, for only $19.95 wholesale As Seen On TV. Actually, it's a bit more than that—even discount TV products sites sell Smartware for only $5 off the regular As Seen On TV item price (according to an As Seen On TV review). However, Smartware may be worth the markup ($34.00 isn't too steep for a 16-piece set) since its silicone plastic is flexible, cooks evenly, and stores easily in crowded kitchens.

While EPinions/com reviews conflict, one reviewer comments, "Insomnia and credit cards don't mix.” The humorous reviewer also points out that you must have your cake batter evenly spread in the Smartware round pan and, if you don't put the loaf pan or oblong pan into the trivet, the pans can warp and bulge.

* Bear in mind that so much depends on microwave settings—make sure your temperature is adjusted correctly.



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