Titanium Terrific For Shaving?

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What is the best metal to make shavers out of?

Titanium Terrific For Shaving?

One word you want to avoid when shaving or using knives is "ouch”. Both actions have an As Seen On TV connection. Do you know what the following items have in common?

• Titanium Turbo Precision Electric Razor
• Mighty Titan Knife Set

Give up? Both are made of super-strong titanium.

Plastic knives don't work well in the long run and neither do disposable plastic razors. The Titanium Turbo wholesale razor costs about the same as two packages of plastic razors. While many plastic razors have been made "for sensitive skin," the skin is sensitive and, let's face it, plastic can break.

* The Titanium Turbo is great for both men and women (with none of that plucking action you sometimes experience while using shavers).



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