Allergens and Ionic Air Purifiers

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What is the best way to combat allergies?

Allergens and Ionic Air Purifiers

Mold, cat dander, ragweed, dust, peanuts, smoke, plywood, paint—take any typical household and, chances are, most everyone is allergic to something. You can spend a fortune on medical prevention and treatment but, add air duct cleaning and furnace filter bills just to help you breathe, and you might think it's easier to sneeze and wheeze your way through life.

Even though you should have your air ducts and furnace filters checked, an As Seen On TV item offers a cheaper solution. The Ionic Breeze Quadra Air Purifier, Ionic Pro, or the Ionic Air Purifier may be right for you. These units trip pollutants in the air and suck them right into a grid or screen (like a vacuum cleaner for allergens). Ionic air purifiers have been proven to be an invaluable help in allergy reduction. They can fit on your desk, in your office, or they can stand in a corner to trap Fluffy's dander.

From personal experience, I can tell you that ionic air purifiers work great if you share a home with some who smokes. If your loved one won't go for a smoking cessation As Seen On TV item, then you might invest in an ionic air purifier.

A caveat and an As Seen On TV review tip: If you're sneezing, don't just run out and buy a wholesale As Seen On TV air purifier. Find out what you're allergic to (or even if you have allergies). Your sneezing and coughing may be a sign of a one-time event, e.g. the house being repainted, or you might have respiratory problems.

*Don't neglect your cooling and heating system. You need checkups and so does your house.



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