Draw Like An Artist Immediately

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How can I learn to draw quickly?

Draw Like An Artist Immediately

Dreaming of drawing the Mona Lisa? Why not try to crack the Da Vinci Code while you're at it? Actually, thanks to the many excellent As Seen On TV art products out there, copying the Mona Lisa is easier than trying to prove or disprove controversial theories.

One particular As Seen On TV item, Digi Draw, can be used to trace any illustration, photo, or picture on the reflective panel. Cartoon flipbooks and ready-made backgrounds help your imagination run wild! A few hints:

• Always make sure to supervise very young children—and join in the fun!
• Copying copyrighted material to sell is a no-no, unless you're authorized to make reproductions
• Digi Draw can be great to use as part of art class to duplicate the technique of master painters



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