Fighting Arthritis...With Emu Oil

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Is there a natural way to fight arthritis?

Fighting Arthritis...With Emu Oil

Joints stiff? Are you an arthritis sufferer? There are dozens of products to combat or alleviate the pain in your fingers and arms. Several As Seen In TV items offer solutions. One of the most often-touted products, however, is emu oil.

No As Seen On TV review of the Blur Pain Relief or Ultra Blue emu oil product can avoid the other ways to combat arthritis:

• Sensible diet
• Physical activity
• Magnetic therapy
• Doctor's advice

However, emu oil has long been known as a natural way to lessen arthritis pain by triggering your body's curative powers and repairing connective tissue. The As Seen On TV item contains MSM (a common ingredient in arthritis products) vitamin C, and soothing Aloe Vera.

* Tip: Emu oil may sound like a fad, but according to experimental studies on rats with advanced arthritis, emu oil has been proven to alleviate arthritis suffering.



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