When Your Phone Is a Pressure Cooker

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Is a pressure cooker still the best way to cook without using oils?

When Your Phone Is a Pressure Cooker

What insomniac hasn't turned on the tube at 1 a.m. and been greeted with an "Act Now" ad for the George Foreman Grill? Before you know it, you're dreaming of bragging to your friends, "Isn't it a steal? As seen in TV! You can get one too!"

Besides, you really need that MicroMaster Microwave Pressure Cooker, which cooks products easily without excess oils, don't you?

You can dial the As Seen On TV 1-800 number or log on to web sites such as TVProducts4Less.com to buy any As Seen On TV item from the GT Express 101 Pressure Cooker to the 6 second abs machine.

Don't be so quick to volunteer your Visa information just so you can get the perk that inevitably comes with the "limited time offer!" While most products, expensive or wholesale, are legit, many As Seen On TV offers are scams. Some "healthy cooking" appliances may not be healthy for your wallet. Here are some hints to avoid being scammed:

• Search RipOffReport.com and the Better Business Bureau Web site to see if the product is listed
• Phone operators for a legitimate offer won't ask for information covered under privacy laws
• Phone operators for a legitimate offer won't con you into buying more than you want
• Look for the padlock on the lower right hand of the browser (this indicates a trusted site)



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