Stadium Hot Dogs--No Waiting in Line

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Can I get stadium hot dogs in my home?

Stadium Hot Dogs--No Waiting in Line

Baseball, hot dogs, Applegate, and Chevrolet (so the old commercial jingle says).

Stadium hot dogs are always plump, juicy, and evenly cooked thanks to the hot dog vendors' cookers with constantly moving rollers. Yes, hot dogs are definitely a guilty pleasure but, unless you live at the stadium, you can't enjoy them whenever you please.

Baseball and hot dogs do go together but if you're not a baseball fan, or if you can't get to the ballpark, and you love stadium hot dogs, what do you do? You check out As Seen On TV ads to find the Hot Dog Express (which is a smaller version of the big roller hot dog ovens). It even keeps the buns warm and fluffy!

While the high price ($47.95 at discount sites) may not look like a wholesale As Seen On TV bargain, you'd probably pay that for hot dogs for the whole family at Dodger Stadium. Hold the mustard!

* For healthier hot dogs, try all-natural organic turkey, beef, or chicken franks.



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