Microwave Cookware Warnings Ahead?

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Is there any plastic ware that can stand up to microwave use?

Microwave Cookware Warnings Ahead?

We already know you can't heat water over two minutes in a glass container in the microwave…Kaboom! Plastic warps and distorts with microwave use. Can the As Seen On TV Magic Lidz beat the microwave cookware rap?

Reportedly, the 24- or 36-piece Magic Lidz plasticware As Seen On TV item can withstand the rigors of microwaving veggies. Lids act as a barometer, turning blue when the microwave temperature reaches 120. As Paris Hilton says, "That's hot!" It can also be cold, however, since the Magic Lidz bowls store heated food. But has As Seen In TV flipped its Lidz advertising a safe plastic microwave cooking set? Yahoo! shoppers give a favorable As Seen On TV review to Magic Lidz.

* Always check the settings of your microwave when setting cooking times. Microwave models vary.



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