Onion Green Thumb: Make Your Own Blooming Onions

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Can you make blooming onions at home?

Onion Green Thumb: Make Your Own Blooming Onions

Love blooming onions but don't want to head down under to Outback Steakhouse or go to Chili's? An As Seen In TV solution has popped up: the Onion Gourmet Blossom Maker. This onion corer makes your sweet Vidalia look like a rose...or it would if roses came up deep-fried. If you love blooming onions, you know they're perfect for dipping and attractive appetizers. The Onion Gourmet Blossom Maker As Seen On TV item claims to be easy to clean and easy to use.

This is definitely not a diet dish so, if you're health-conscious, the Onion Gourmet Blossom Maker may not be for you. If you're health-conscious but love blooming onions, Frymaster advises frying onion blossoms in tube-type fryers as opposed to the frying pan on the Onion Gourmet Blossom Maker package.

The Onion Gourmet Blossom Maker, according to one As Seen On TV review, is made of plastic but gets the job done just like the Onion Machine. However, you do have to use a knife to get that perfectly sectioned look.



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