Multitasking With The Total Trolley

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Is there a tool that can be use as a dolly and heavy duty carrier for yard work?

Multitasking With The Total Trolley

In today's world, we demand that even our household tools multitask—just watch any As Seen In TV commercial. “It slices! It dices! It makes baby formula! It gives you liposuction!” Okay, maybe not, but you get the idea.

The Total Trolley multitasks. This As Seen On TV item can transform into:

• A ladder
• A dolly cart
• A hand truck
• A furniture carrier

If you do frequent heavy lifting and home improvement, the Total Trolley may be your best wholesale As Seen On TV purchase—it's a contractor's best friend. How does it stack up for regular household chores? According to one As Seen On TV review, the Total Trolley can carry a 1,600 CD collection (!), trash, large sacks of dog food, furniture, and the works.

* The product purports to reduce equipment and clear space in a garage or shed. While the Total Trolley seems to work, make sure you're buying it because you'll use it on a regular basis and not just because it's gee-whiz cool. For a one-time furniture moving task, you might be better off enlisting a friend.



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