Repair Your Windshield, Wipe Out Car Costs?

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Is it true I can save my deductible by repairing my own windshield?

Repair Your Windshield, Wipe Out Car Costs?

Crack! Road construction sent a pebble your way and the unintended missile cracked your windshield. If you live in LA, you're probably relieved the crack wasn't from an AK-47. Howeevr, you're still left with the problem of windshield repair. Do you pay through your car's nose to fix the fracture or do you do a MacGyver As Seen In TV move and use a little elbow grease (preferably not while riding on the top of your car during a chase scene)?

Television has a wholesale As Seen On TV answer for minor cracks that aren't in your driving line of sight. The Windshield Repair Kit is an injection-based squeegee-shaped system that squeezes UV liquid resin into the fissure—it's like a liquid bandage for your windshield.

* Even an As Seen On TV item has its own disclaimers. The product description states, "Not intended for use on heavy damage." Fixing a crack in your driving line of sight can cause a distortion that could interfere with safe driving. Also, if you can't cover the crack with a quarter, it's better to get your windshield replaced by an auto glass repair specialist.



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