Unprepared with No Fresh Batteries? Use the Everlife Flashlight ICOE

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Is there any flashlight out there guaranteed to work when I grab for it in the dark?

Unprepared with No Fresh Batteries? Use the Everlife Flashlight ICOE

It's a scene As Seen In TV: You're prowling around in the dark. You hear a spooky noise. You turn on your emergency flashlight but… your batteries are dead. Unfortunately, this is a real-life dilemma. Luckily, however, you might find an answer in the Everlife Flashlight.

The Everlife Flashlight is a temporary emergency measure for your car or home that needs no batteries! If you shake it for thirty seconds, you get five minutes of light—long enough to call for help or check under the hood. The Everlife Flashlight supposedly has 1000 hours of life. This wholesale As Seen On TV safety item could save your life!

* You should not rely completely on this flashlight. Keep essential safety equipment on hand. Below is a list of items that you should have available in your home and/or in your car:

• An additional light source
• Cell phone
• Road flare First-aid kit
• Auto repair kit
• Earthquake survival kit
• Spare tire
• Bottled water



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