The Hover Copter--More Fun Than Should Be Legal?

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I would love to fly model planes but that hobby is expensive, are there any alternatives?

The Hover Copter--More Fun Than Should Be Legal?

After improving your health, organizing your home, and saving money, it's time for fun. You're in the As Seen On TV trance and you see an ad for the Hover Copter. Your first reaction: "The kids will love it!"

What is the Hover Copter? It's a remote-controlled, light-up Frisbee that flies 30 feet in the air when you aim the raygun-shaped remote control. Wireless, baby! The Hover Copter comes with a portable charging station. If the kids were awake, they'd be clamoring for you to buy the Hover Copter and, to be honest, you're psyched about it yourself. However, don't take a ride on the flying saucer yet.

* Take the time to read reviews and examine this the way you examine all your kids' toy requests. Remember, this wholesale gadget is intended for ages 10 and up. Also, teach your kids safety. If you do buy the Hover Copter, watch out for hard outdoor surfaces since the plastic casing tends to crack on impact.



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