New Egg Wave--Does It Work?

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Can you cook an egg in a microwave?

New Egg Wave--Does It Work?

Don't skip breakfast—according to new research it's one of the reasons Americans are overweight. But you think, “I don't have time for breakfast, even for the Incredible Edible Egg! Besides, eggs are so unhealthy”. According to eggsperts such as Suzanne Somers (a definite As Seen In TV classic), however, you can GET SKINNY ON FABULOUS FOOD. Apparently, if you put a bacon and egg breakfast side by side with a low-fat muffin, the eggs are actually healthier! Don't you have egg on your face now?

You still might think, “I don't have time!” But, as usual, As Seen On TV comes to the rescue with a wholesale As Seen On TV answer to the egg dilemma: the Egg Wave, a microwave egg cooker. Many people think eggs turn rubbery in the microwave. However, the Egg Wave can cook eggs for breakfast or for use in that eggscellent potato salad without a rubbery texture.

* Always obey microwave safety—although the plastic Egg Wave is microwave safe, be careful.

* According to TV reports, the Egg Wave may sometimes take longer than advertised, but a healthy breakfast is worth it. You'll save money and time as opposed to skipping breakfast or grabbing a fatty McMuffin.



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