Unsightly Dent? Just Make it Go Pop!

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Can I fix car dents myself?

Unsightly Dent? Just Make it Go Pop!

Dent removal is for the pros, right? You need a mechanic to fix a dent, nick or ding in your car, right? Wrong. The Pops-A-Dent wholesale As Seen On TV gadget (available for $19.95) boasts of the power to help you fix these problems yourself.

Auto-body experts know how expensive dent removal can be—this is why auto pros developed Pops-A-Dent (which includes a glue gun and dent removal stems). But, does it work? Two Amazon.com reviewers rated Pops-A-Dent a rip-off that is not worth the dent in your wallet. Still want to give it a try? Keep these things in mind:

• You shouldn't need to repaint after you repair.
• Make sure the tool can adjust to the dent size. If the dent is too large, it won't work.



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