Take Your Blood Pressure Yourself—Before There's a Problem

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Is there a better way to take my blood pressure?

Take Your Blood Pressure Yourself—Before There's a Problem

As Seen In TV, you can tell when someone's blood pressure has hit an all-time high. Cartoon characters have red faces and smoke coming out of their ears. When Tony Soprano reaches for his gun, you know he should have used WrisTech to check his hypertension. The truth is, however, that high blood pressure is a deadlier, stealthier killer than Tony could ever be.

By the time you feel the effects of high blood pressure (like dehydration) you're too late to avoid the danger zone. What can you do? You can watch your wrist As Seen On TV. Supposedly, with the FDA-approved WrisTech, you don't even need the bulky cuff or stethoscope. Like a diabetes monitor, you can attach the device and monitor the LED readout before you have a problem. The wholesale price won't even raise your blood pressure!

• High blood pressure may not always be a measure of stress—monitor your diet
• Low blood pressure, hypotension (result of nervous system conditions), is dangerous too
• Normal blood pressure varies from person to person, so consult your doctor before you panic
• Medications can affect blood pressure

WrisTech can be a valuable self-diagnostic tool if you regularly check it (even when sitting still) and if you're armed with the right information.



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