TV Tops: That's Where I Left The Remote

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What can I do with the space between the top of my television and the entertainment center?

TV Tops: That's Where I Left The Remote

Can't find the remote, your glasses, your drink, or the TV control? They used to be on the top of the TV...until you got that flat screen TV. Now you can't even put your credit card on top of the TV when you're watching As Seen On TV infomercials. Sorry, you can't have your flat screen and your storage too! If you're considering getting extra storage space, like the TV Top Shelf, do your research first.

The commercials for the Top Shelf depict a standard monitor (13 inches and higher) with no image of a flat screen TV. If you want TV storage space with a plasma model, you're better off with a TV cabinet that has shelf space above your flat screen TV, or a TV stand designed for a plasma screen TV.

* If you're not daunted and want the As Seen On TV item for your flat screen TV, ask a hardware expert.



9/22/2006 3:56:17 AM
Suzy Q said:

You ponder this dilemma between watching paint dry or bread go stale? That any one has the damnedest nonsense to ponder how to fill a two inch space....I'm at loss for can always try dust, it fits any where. Beanie Babies might work, or just stop looking at that space.....


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