Ladies, Talking Auto Pilot Is Better Than A Man Because...

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Is there a way to et driving directions without having to look at a map?

Ladies, Talking Auto Pilot Is Better Than A Man Because...

AutoPilot Talking Road Navigator, unlike the man in your life, will actually let you stop and ask for directions. In fact, this As Seen On TV item will give you directions without a map (assuming you don't have OnStar or GPS). If you don't, AutoPilot may be an affordable alternative—and it's endorsed by the AAA!

Yes, your AutoPilot won't talk back to you. Yes, it won't insist on lecturing you about the Civil War history of every point in Pennsylvania or Georgia, or stop to use the rest room every ten minutes. Yes, it gives detailed point by point directions to hotels, restaurants and points of interest. Yes, it can entertain with its electronic knowledge. But as seen in TV sitcoms, a man will usually win over a machine (plus, MapQuest has been known to be wrong).

* The AutoPilot does have 800 telephone numbers of hotels, motels and inns, the best driving directions between major cities, plus computations of distance when you input a highway mile marker. It can't replace your guy, but at least when you're planning your trip on the road you won't feel ready to toss him out of the car.



9/22/2006 3:24:16 AM
Suzy Q said:

My guess is that you can't read maps, so either stay within 2 miles of your house or sit in the back seat while someone else drives your dumbass


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